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Cygnus Pizza Race

Cygnus Pizza Race

A brand new minigame, Cygnus Pizza Race, is now in beta! This is a little race game set in the same galaxy as Smugglers of Cygnus.

First off, games are all about having fun. There's literally no other reason to play them. They're also complex and expensive to make. With Smugglers of Cygnus we have a huge game that's both expensive and complex, meaning that it takes a really long time.

When you're making a game like that, a lot of other game ideas tend to percolate through your head, but you have to constantly put these on a whiteboard for later. For some future time. Every now and then an opportunity presents itself to chase down these little ideas—just one such opportunity opened up for the Cygnus Pizza Race.

We were approached with a challenge to make a small game that would serve to provide a taste of the Cygnus galaxy in a nutshell. A garlic knot of a game. This became a racing game that introduces players to the Cygnus Pizza Company, purveyor of fine delivery pizzas to the galaxy. Obviously a company like that would want to hire the best of the best for their pilots. Why not a race?

Since I absolutely love racing games, especially with some lighter arcade elements, this has been a pleasure to make. We went from concept to beta in about 3 weeks (22 days), and hope to have this game out in the next few weeks.

I hope everyone enjoys playing CPR as much as we enjoyed making it!

See you next time!