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Cygnus Pizza Race Season 2

Cygnus Pizza Race Season 2

Our new minigame is coming to Steam, and we're launching Season 2 with a bang!

We've been hard at work getting our Minigame Smugglers of Cygnus: Cygnus Pizza Race set up for a new season. The game was initially a VoxPop Exclusive, and Season 1 was a hit with streamers and gamers on the VoxPop platform. Now it's time to launch the new season, and it's going multi-platform. I am going to talk a bit here about the game, about why we're doing minigames in the first place, and about what went into all this.

  • First off - the Pizza Race!

Here at Longplay Games we're building more than just a single big game. The Smugglers of Cygnus is our main focus, but like we discussed in the blog entry when CPR was coming initially, it's an entire galaxy that we are creating here. There are loads of pieces to a puzzle like that, and the challenge to make a little teaser game was a great idea. The enjoyment and demand produced by the game and the first 10 tracks served as an impetus to bring it to a wider audience when we added 10 more tracks, two new ships, and revamped and overhauled lots of the little bits that went into it. The minigame will unlock neat stuff in the main game that is not obtainable any other way.

  • Why minigames?

The concept was to make a couple little minigames in the Cygnus galaxy that would allow us to keep people involved with the Smugglers of Cygnus franchise while were building it. We've got well over a year of work left on the main game, but this minigame (and a couple more coming) use assets, art, music, and story elements that appear in some way in the main game. This is economical (which is vital) and also helps us to refine the concepts. These minigames help keep money coming in, help players explore the universe, and help us improve our code base. We are positioning them as small bite-sized experiences at small bite-sized prices. Building minigame-based unlockables into the main game also gives people a chance to get more out of the world.

  • What goes into making minigames while developing a big game?

One of my biggest concerns was that the minigames would distract from work on Smugglers. This has, in fact, happened, and it has pushed back development a bit on the main game. On the other hand, these minigames have allowed us to learn Unreal better, to learn the world better, and to go through a lot of art and tuning work that we never would have seen otherwise. I believe it's making the final product better. In Cygnus Pizza Race we've been able to really leverage a lot of existing art work and code assets without adding a whole lot of development overhead. It also gave us the blueprint to proceed with Waypoint, a new minigame coming out this Spring. We're able to build up a library of assets and tools one step at a time, and keep the players fully involved without a messy early access process. Gamers get better experiences, we get more practice with the tools, and the world becomes richer. It's a win all around.

Please wishlist Smugglers of Cygnus: Cygnus Pizza Race Season 2 and join us on this awesome adventure!

See you next time!