A casual science fiction building game
Available for Linux and Windows


You are the first person on Mars.
You will need to establish a base, mine resources, and build everything the colonists will need to survive. It's one person against a harsh and unforgiving planet where everything we take for granted is in short supply.
The colony ship is on the way.
Thousands of lives depend on you!

Genres: Casual, Sci-Fi, Isometric, Strategy, Building
Tag: casual, scifi, strategy
Publisher: Indie Imprint
Published: October 2019

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Smugglers of Cygnus Hero
Ship AI

Discover new species and planets, and expand your market.
Fight pirates, or become one.
Explore and trade across the galaxy.
Coming 2022 to PC

Smugglers of Cygnus

Smugglers of Cygnus places you in command of a ship in the service of that noblest profession: Commerce.
Travel the galaxy. Deliver goods. Deliver goods of questionable legality for higher rates. Fend off pirates, or perhaps become one yourself.
The Galaxy is yours. Come and take it.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Trading, Exploration, Strategy
Tag: scifi, trading, exploration, strategy
Publisher: Longplay Games
Published: Coming 2022
IMdb: Smugglers of Cygnus